Messages beginning with CGL

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CGL001W Cannot find program to remove: programname

CGL002E rexx-call failure RC=value reason=reason

CGL004W CGI encountered invalid OPEN type: hex-code

CGL005I CGI is now loaded. Name=name Type=type

CGL010I CGL010I CGI program unloaded. Name: program Type=type

CGL011E CGI cannot obtain storage for chaining

CGL012W CGI-REXX module name terminated with RC=value

CGL015E CGILOAD was unable to respond to HTTPD

CGL016I Closing the CGILOAD connection socket

CGL022I CGILOAD (version) generation date / generation time

CGL023I Debug has been set on

CGL024E Unable to open passive SOCKET

CGL025I Waiting for an HTTPD request

CGL026I Sending the data from CGILOAD back to HTTPD

CGL027I Data has been sent to HTTPD

CGL029I Looking to see if name is already loaded

CGL030I CGILOAD chaining process is complete

CGL031I Formatting the HTTP data for the CGI

CGL032I CGILOAD data has been formatted.

CGL033I CGILOAD is freeing up storage.

CGL034I CGILOAD storage has been freed.

CGL035I CGILOAD is removing a CGI from storage.

CGL036I CGILOAD has removed the CGI from storage.

CGL037I Removing the HTML data from storage

CGL038I CGILOAD has removed the HTML chain.

CGL039I CGILOAD will init the REXX environment.

CGL040I CGILOAD initialized the REXX environment.

CGL041I CGILOAD will load a REXX program.

CGL042I CGILOAD loaded a REXX program.

CGL043I Processing an OPEN request from HTTPD

CGL044I CGI has returned control to CGILOAD

CGL045I CGILOAD called the CGI.

CGL046I Processing READ request from HTTPD

CGL047I CGILOAD is about to delete a CGI.

CGL048I CGILOAD deleted a CGI.

CGL049I CGILOAD is about to load a program.

CGL050I CGILOAD loaded a program.

CGL051I CGI was not previously loaded. Adding a chain.

CGL052W CGILOAD is unable to determine the LOIP value

CGL053I CGILOAD is ready: SYSID=SYSID number IPADDR=IP address:port number

CGL054W CGILOAD terminating due to operator cancellation

CGL055I Pointing to REXX control block - hex value

CGL056I The CGI OPEN request from HTTPD worked

CGL057W The CGI-BAL data return length is < 1 byte

CGL058W REXX/VSE CGI support is disabled

CGL059I About to call the CGI-BAL program

CGL060I program has been loaded into address

CGL061I Bytes to send back to HTTPD: number

CGL062E Unable to connect to TCP/IP, SYSID=sysid

CGL063W Invalid port number passed. Using 4081

CGL064E SOCKET OPEN terminated by the TCP/IP host

CGL065I HTTPD request has been received. Bytes=nnnnn

CGL066E Receive of HTTPD data by CGILOAD failed

CGL067I Waiting to receive data from HTTPD

CGL100I Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Startup for CGILOAD

CGL101I CGL101I Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Shutdown for CGILOAD